Sep 28, 2008

Finally, I got a bike here through the craigslist ad. Now I can enjoy the cycliing in Orange County. Thanks to Brian for the transportation. Also thanks to Andy, he gave me an Orange County Bikeways Map, this could make the riding more fun. But still waiting for my cycling equipment arriving, I may not go biking this week. That's a little pitty.

GT R-Series 3 Roadbike


In addition to the equipment sent from Taiwan, I still need some accessories. Near the cross of San Canyon Ave and Irvine Blvd, there is a bike store "Rock n' Road Cyclery". It took a little time find out the store. There are so many Specialized bikes here, and accessories for riding. I bought a short, a pair of groves, and some tools. It's a good place to find some Specialized goods here. But it is not a good idea to buy a bike in the US because it is more expensive than in Taiwan for the same level, even the other brands like Giant. Anyway, I got a bike and something needed. Just when the rest eiupmqnt arrived, I can go for riding anytime as I want. Of course, not at work.

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