Oct 5, 2008

I'm so happy that I got my equipment this week, so it is time for the ride. This bike is very difficult to ride, not very smooth, and made me use more power to acceralate to the same speed compared to my TCR AllianceTM. Maybe it needs more time to get smooth. Of course, it is not reasonable to compare these two bikes of diffrent level. Just for a trial ride, I rode to Laguna Beach, the nearest beach from where we live.

To the end of EI Toro then turn left, rode along the Laguna Canyon Rd, moutains were by your side. Yes, you are riding in the valley. Though these mountains to the end of this road, the coast is just before your eyes, so dose the beach. The sea and beach always make me relax and joyful. It took about one hour to the coast and the distance is about 20 km. I didn't plan to stay at the beach for a long time, because this was just a trial ride, just for sport. So not so long after arriving the coast, I returned and went back. Next time I will just wear a T-shirt and short pants with the slippers in my backpack. At that moment, enjoying the beach will be my purpose.

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